On a Shoe String

The recession has been a really tough thing, but it has made me realize how much more other people have at stake than I do. My way of life is going to be much easier to maintain through the tough economic times ahead. Suddenly, I realized that living on a shoe string could be an adventure and not a horrible thing. It doesn’t have to be “uncool”. So, I decided to start writing about the things I’m doing and figure out ways to reduce my costs even more.

Grocery Shopping Strategies

» Posted by Jeana

I would like to share some of the money-saving shopping strategies I use. I’ve never been a “coupon-clipper”, but I do have a few other tricks I use that keep our costs down quite a bit!

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Family Budgeting for Your Sanity

» Posted by Jeana

Even with all the little things I do to save money and reduce costs, I felt like I just wasn’t making any head-way. Someone once told me that you could define insanity by doing the same things over and over …

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Freezer Cooking Part 2 – The Essentials

» Posted by Jeana

I had hoped to have some recipes up here by now, but in the meantime I thought I would pass on some tips that I’ve learned about Freezer Cooking in the last couple of month.  So, here we go! The …

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Freezer Cooking!

» Posted by Jeana

I haven’t kept up with my “On a Shoe String” blog in quite some time.  I apologize to everyone!  The last couple years of my life have been rather topsy turvy, but now that I’m getting a rhythm back I …

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Phones, Cell Phones & VOIP – Skype vs. Vonage

» Posted by Jeana

Well now that we’ve discussed the roof over our heads, let’s talk about the necessary bills that are attached to living in it. One of the most long-standing items in every household is the humble telephone. As a society, we …

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The Roof Over Your Head

» Posted by Jeana

I know that the cost of living is different everywhere, so bare with me here. I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that having a large house with a white picket fence is not the end all …

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A Shoe String Introduction

» Posted by Jeana

I’ve done a lot of soul searching lately about my venture into the business world, the recession and the sacrifices that I have been making in order to keep a roof over my family’s head. The last year or so …

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