About Me

Who am I? I am an artistic junkie, computer geek, science nut, history lover and environmental worry-wort.  I write music, design websites and advertising, dabble in photography, decorate cakes and love watching Trading Spaces for interior design tidbits. I’ve always wanted to run a wedding & event planning business so I could create food that is as much a joy to behold, as to eat. And don’t forget designing the perfect room for the occasion and all the extras to go with it!

At the age of 19, I was performing on the stage of the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville and soon after, touring around the country with bands as their lead singer. Music was and still is my first love, but as time wears on, sometimes our life path has to be altered a bit to make everything work. Someday I still hope to put out an album of my own, but in the meantime, I’m content with knowing that I made an impact while I was out there (and had a great time doing it!).

I love creating solutions for problems through programming and UI design. There is nothing more exhilarating than telling a customer, “Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but I think we can make it happen.” and then actually accomplishing it. Computers offer us the ultimate ability to create without the need for a workshop full of tools or the need to add on to the house. I can create amazing things everyday from the comfort of my recliner, using nothing more than a laptop loaded with Notepad++ and Gimp.

And the rest… sadly, the rest is left to just wishing. I would have loved being an archeologist, a meteorologist, an astronaut or astrophysicist.  The history of the world’s societies and space intrigue me beyond reason. Any kind of science that leads us to discoveries about why things are the way they are is completely consuming to me. But, life is short and there is only so much time (and only so much room to cram things into one brain)! My entire life, I’ve said, very honestly, “If I didn’t have to sleep, just think of all that I could accomplish.”

Today, I am the President and co-founder of a new Advertising and Web/IT Services company called Identifex, LTD. I am also an adjunct instructor at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, SD, where I teach CIS classes. And don’t be surprised if you spot me downtown on occasion, filling in for a couple of the regular karaoke jocks in Watertown. The rest of my time is filled with the joy of motherhood. I have 3 wonderful children, Natasha (18), Jordan (8), and Tori (6). You’ll find pictures of them in my photo gallary.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you were looking for web development, hosting or advertising help, please visit my business site and click the Contact Us link to drop me a line. I would be happy to speak with you!